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The Gift Card Rescue was featured on the 4th episode ever of this now Famous Business Reality TV Show when Kwami Kuadey came into the Shark Tank seeking $150k for a 30 equity stake in the Gift Card Trading Business. Kuadey was born in Ghana and moved to the United States to pursue his entrepreneurial dream, was struggling to get his new gift … After Shark Tank. After appearing on the show, Kwame Kuadey was able to successfully reboot Gift Card Rescue. Now with the proper funding needed to start a business, he was able to create an … Gift Card Rescue also resells those cards at a discount, typically 10 , making it the best place to buy your cards in the first place. The creator of Gift Card Rescue went into the Shark Tank asking for $150k for a 30 share of the company. Kevin offered $150k for 50 , Robert offered to partner with Kevin and come in as a team at a higher $200k … seen on season 1, episode 4 of Shark Tank Watch episode entrepreneurs Kwami Kuadey location Columbia, MD category Online Services description A web-based company that buys back and sells some of the 10 of all unused gift cards each year in the U.S. In tonight s episode of Shark Tank, Kwame Kuadey enters the tank first to pitch his idea to buy and sell unused gift cards. Kwame has a desire to fulfill his American dream and asks for $150,000 … And that brings us to the root of the problem of sharing the planet with an intelligence greater than our own. What if its drives are not compatible with human survival? Remember, we are talking about a machine that could be a thousand, a million, an uncountable number of times more intelligent than we are it is hard to overestimate what it will be able to do, and impossible to know what it will think. It does not have to hate us before choosing to use our molecules for a purpose other than keeping us alive. You and I are hundreds of times smarter than field mice, and share about 90 percent of our DNA with them. But do we consult them before plowing under their dens for agriculture? Do we ask lab monkeys for their opinions before we crush their heads to learn about sports injuries? We don t hate mice or monkeys, yet we treat them cruelly. Superintelligent AI won t have to hate us to destroy us. A nation is great not by its size alone. It is the will, the cohesion, the stamina, the discipline of its people, and the quality of their leaders which ensure it an honorable place in history. 14 In today s tumultuous financial climate, I am shocked people still believe these strategies even work. Wasn t it the recession that exposed Get Rich Slow for the fraud it is? Oh I get it, if you re employed for 40 years and avoid 40 market downturns, Get Rich Slow works just sit back, work, and hope death don t meet you first because, golly-gee, you re going to be the richest guy in the retirement home! TIME TO RISE Monitor progress To help gauge the success of your Instagram contest Use hashtags to easily track how many photos are being shared on Instagram that have your contest hashtag ask fans to use one in the caption for the photos or videos they post as a requirement for entry, but make sure beforehand that your chosen hashtag is unique and hasn t been used by someone else before . Set up Google Alerts to monitor mentions of your contest across the web. Use Wishpond or Woobox Instagram contest web apps for real-time campaign reports, which allows you to track views, entries, and conversion rates.