simple giveaways for 1st birthday

First birthday gift ideas don t have to be toys. Statement clothing is another excellent one-year-old birthday gift. This punny onesie which says one-derful celebrates your newly minted toddler in style. We also love that it s customizable You can mix and match both the background and the font colors to suit your little one. These simple, charming, and eye-catching items are easy and cheap to either make or purchase, so everyone mom and dad included can enjoy the big day stress-free. Keep reading to find 17 first birthday party ideas that will make your little one s big day extra special. Find the perfect first birthday outfit for your mini me at Baby Gap! It s that most sought-after moment, when you line up for your chance to greet Happy Birthday to the celebrant and claim your pack of goodies. It s so good, it almost feels like Christmas! If you are a mommy scouring the internet for giveaways, gifts, or birthday souvenir ideas, this post is a great place to start 1. With four wheels and a full, wide seat, this first balance bike is perfect for 1-year-olds who are just walking, as well as those tots who have already mastered the skill. Steering is limited to 135 degrees which prevents baby from tipping over as she moves around. It weighs only five pounds, so it s easy to maneuver, and parents will rest easy knowing that although the upper age range is 24 … Search Engine Journal Tim is right. Humor allows brands to connect with customers by showing their lighter side. Humor makes videos stand out, but the tone and content have to be appropriate to the brand s message, or audiences can wind up laughing at you rather than with you. Comedy videos can be used to great effect as part of wider marketing campaigns, especially as social media becomes ever more important to brands. As wild a ride as social media may seem, it s more of a marathon than a sprint. Given that it may take months to see the return on your marketing efforts, you may need to nourish your social media sites for quite a while. This Girl Can, 113 114 Previously, any customer service issues that arose via Instagram were often forced to be dealt with within the comments section underneath a photo or video. Now, public disputes can be ushered into the more private setting of Instagram Direct. This prevents your comments being clogged up by unsightly feedback and prevents your brand image from being damaged. To make the transition, reply to a complainant in the comments telling them that you will send have sent a direct message to them to help solve their issue, and then go from there. Photos, videos, and text can be used as a way to help solve problems – choose whichever means of communication works best for you. To further enhance your customer service via Instagram Direct, advertise in your bio that people can contact you privately, and actively monitor negative mentions of your brand via your notifications and Instagram search to leap on and deal with problems before they get the chance to stew and escalate. You can – similar to Twitter – also explore Instagram for hashtags associated with your product and services, then see if you can offer helpful advice to anyone talking about your area of expertise, as a way to break the ice. Again, this tactic works best if you are quite sure that your out of the blue message will not upset the individual in question.