Wind Mitigation Inspection

A Uniform Wind Mitigation Inspection, is required by your homeowner's insurance company to calculate all of your home’s discounts. The insurance company uses the report to determine how well your home will do if a hurricane should come to the area. Some of the items looked at are the age of the roof covering, the roof shape, what's holding your roof on to your home, and if you have hurricane shutters/ windows. This is the document you need to prove them for insurance.

If you have owned a property in Naples, Florida for more than a few years, your insurance company might have suggested getting wind mitigation inspection or asked to see the report. Wind mitigation refers to features of the home structure such as roof, doors, and windows that are designed to minimize the damage caused by high winds, like those experienced during a hurricane. Home inspection wind mitigation is a process to help you prepare for hurricane season and provide substantial discounts on your home insurance premiums. Priority Inspector offers this service at an affordable rate where our licensed home inspectors examine various features of your home and describe their current condition, as well as any improvements, needed that could make your home more wind resistance. Schedule your wind mitigation inspection Naples FL today.

So whether you need a Wind Mitigation And 4 Point Inspection, contact us!
Uniform Mitigation Verification Inspection Form


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