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Quick easy simple scuba diving gift cards. Buy one, buy ten! Cannot figure out what to get that special person or maybe you do not know what dive gear they need or want – well – you cannot go wrong with a gift card. Sort By Sale. Eco Dive Center Now $90.00. Normal Retail $100.00 Was $100.00 … Gift Cards. Buying gift card with Simply Scuba is easy just a few details and a couple of clicks and one of our gift cards will be heading your way. If you are in a hurry, choose our e-gift card option perfect for a last minute present. Gift cards and E-gift cards will be valid for 12 months from the date of purchase and are excluded … If you previously purchased a Gift Card Gift Certificate that you would like to redeem, you may input your existing gift card number at checkout. If you have any questions, please contact our scuba instructors at info or call us at 800-34-SCUBA so we can assist you. Thank you for your understandin Show. 24 36 All. per page. Sort By. Position Product Name Price Set Ascending Direction. $10.00. FREE Shipping. Divers Direct Gift Cards. Buy Now. Working Hours. Monday 10.00 AM – 7 00PM Tuesday 10.00 AM – 7 00PM Wednesday By Appointment Only Thursday 10.00 AM – 7 00PM Friday 10.00 AM – 7 00PM A site to find and share manly things similar to Pinterest but with a male demographic While he runs a number of different companies and holds four different academic appointments, Sherlin also serves as chief science officer for Neurotopia, a leader in the research and use of EEG for improving athlete performance. In 2009, he got a call from Red Bull s director of athletic high performance, Dr. Andy Walshe. The energy-sports-drink company has been a longtime supporter of all things action and adventure, sponsoring many of the world s most accomplished athletes. Walshe wanted to help these athletes get better and that s where Sherlin fit in. When any of us make decisions, our brains go through a six-stage cycle. Before the novel stimuli shows up which is what starts the whole process , we re in a baseline state. Then we move to problem-solving analysis, pre-action readiness, action, post-action evaluation, and back to baseline. Each of these stages requires different parts of the brain and produces different brain waves theta for processing novel stimuli, beta for analysis, alpha for action, etc. When Sherlin and his team examined the data, what became clear was that the best athletes moved through this entire cycle fluidly, seamlessly transitioning from step to step. I m looking at so much time. I can t ask you to throw your life away for me. His words and his eyes were speaking two different languages, like someone saying no while nodding his head yes. Remember the first few times you heard a great pop song? You probably had a little trouble remembering the lyrics. It sure sounded as though Jimi Hendrix was saying, Excuse me while I kiss this guy. Then, over time, as you heard the song over and over again, the message became more clear.