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Gift Card Policy Natirar Gift cards may only be used for purchases at Natirar including our restaurant, cooking school and farm. Cards can be reloaded and balances checked in our restaurant at any time. This card is not redeemable or exchangeable for cash or credit. The value of this card will not be replaced if lost, stolen or damaged. The Mansion. The famous 1912 Natirar Mansion has been lovingly restored to the grandeur of its past. Re-opened in June 2017, the Mansion with its expansive lawns, rolling hills, and historic architecture is available for your upcoming social or business event. Designed for the home cook, from novice to experienced enthusiast, the Cooking School at Natirar offers culinary programs for those who love cooking, wine, entertaining or just appreciate the pleasure of great food. Click here to view or sign up for all classes or restaurant events. Looking to give a gift? Purchase a GIFT CARD here. Electronic Gift Card for eMailing ValueValue QtyQty Natirar Club members can also enjoy 36 holes of golf in our reciprocal membership joining program at the private Hamilton Farm Golf Club just four miles away. Membership is by invitation. Please contact our Membership Director for details about how to join the Club at Natirar. 908.901.4733 Change starts with your beliefs, because they dictate your future choices. If you want to make headway, you have to believe you can make headway. You have to choose to start your process and that starts with a simple choice. Start making better choices, and your first choice should be an analysis of your past choices. Why are you where you are? What has been treasonous to your life that has put you at a stainless steel sink washing dishes? Wall Street Courtesy of Living Royal It was just as important to show the authenticity of the families featured. Gary continued, What s been so important is to always show up in a very honest, authentic way. The families are all real families, and we re on this journey to always tell real stories. The juxtaposition of that with the enjoyment of our Honey Maid products works together nicely. It s a simple story that we re telling. That s part of the magic that works so well for us. 24 Take a look at the giant insurance companies. They have a giant asset the personal relationships that their thousands of agents have with millions of customers and prospects. Everything else is a commodity.