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Custom Musical Themes and Shapes Promotional Items . Shop our full line of musical trade show giveaways, featuring noise-cancelling headphones, iPad-compatible mini speakers, custom Bluetooth speakers and much more. If you re looking for a music-themed promotional product that s budget-friendly, our music-themed stress reliever shapes are both fun and economical – perfect for trade shows and … Custom Music Promotional Products. Need a promotional product with a music theme? From picks to pens to custom drumsticks, we ve got lots of musical ideas and music promos to choose from. Don t pay full retail. Buy wholesale music gifts in bulk and save. Some of the many uses for music promos are musician awards, swag tables, grand openings and … Jan 16, 2020 – Explore More Than Stick Figures Inc s board Music Instrument related promotional items on Pinterest. See more ideas about promotional item, stick figures, music instruments. Concert Items put your logo on center stage. Create excitement at concerts and large venues. Find concert stuff like concert t-shirts, concert products, concert gifts, and more! The spot light is on you! Choose concert promotions to stand out in the crowd. Create customized concert swag at Garrett Specialties! Imprint your very own concert memorabilia. The Music Stand is your store for music and art themed gifts, instruments, clothing, decor, jewelry, t-shirts, music accessories, and more. Serving musicians and music lovers since 1976. Shop for thousands of music themed items. Find gifts for musicians of every instrument and musical genre. We were not ideologues. We did not believe in theories as such. A theory is an attractive proposition intellectually. What we faced was a real problem of human beings looking for work, to be paid, to buy their food, their clothes, their homes, and to bring their children up I had read the theories and maybe half believed in them. But we were sufficiently practical and pragmatic enough not to be cluttered up and inhibited by theories. If a thing works, let us work it, and that eventually evolved into the kind of economy that we have today. Our test was does it work? Does it bring benefits to the people? The prevailing theory then was that multinationals were exploiters of cheap labor and cheap raw materials and would suck a country dry Nobody else wanted to exploit the labor. So why not, if they want to exploit our labor? They are welcome to it We were learning how to do a job from them, which we would never have learnt We were part of the process that disproved the theory of the development economics school, that this was exploitation. We were in no position to be fussy about hig-hminded principles. 24 He waved like he was dismissing me, and without thinking, I moved in the direction of my car, but then I turned back. This is bullshit, sir. The Income Wealth Mirage of the Sidewalk Notice how both income-poor and income-rich Sidewalkers share the same problems but different scenery. The reason is, more money is not a solution to poor financial management . Poor money management is like gambling at a casino, because, over time, the house always wins. Tossing more money at the deficiency is like trying to plug a hole in a dam with more water. More money doesn t buy financial discipline. Concentrate your time, your brains, and your advertising money on your successes. Back your winners, and abandon your losers. If the President and the Congress are conscribed by popular sentiment, then they will always be captive. America must have leaders who are prepared to lead and know what is good for America and do it, even if they lose their reelection. A system of governance that does not allow them to do a quiet U-turn when they identify problems is malfunctioning. 21