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Kiva Cards can be delivered by snail mail, email, or printed out at home to be given out however you want. Make sure you select the correct delivery method for your gift using the form to the left. Unfortunately, it isn t possible to change the delivery method after you ve completed the purchase of your Kiva Card. Kiva Cards. When you give a Kiva Card, you give someone else the chance to make a loan to a borrower who inspires them. When that loan is repaid, they can lend those funds again and again to make an even bigger difference. It s truly the gift that keeps on giving! Buy a Kiva Card. When you donate online, 3 is taken from your donation to cover the cost of processing your credit card. If you want to, you can pay this 3 directly instead, allowing your full intended donation to reach Microloan Foundation. Yes, I ll cover the fee. No, please deduct fee from my donation. Card processing fee. Provide the capital needed for a hardworking entrepreneur to start, grow, or sustain their business. Now two Seattle-based initiatives are trying to give restaurants, bars, cafes, shops, salons and countless other small enterprises a shot of cash through the sale of gift cards and certificates. You ll see is my mother s code for I m right, you re wrong, and time will uncover that truth. Checking in on Facebook As Davina spooned mounds of everything onto my plate, I imagined myself a man just out of the joint, about to do some serious damage to some pork chops. I felt a little bit like a punch line, more self-conscious than I had ever been in corporate America, right here in my own hometown. Davina set the food down in front of me, and at the last moment I remembered my manners and didn t touch my fork until she picked up hers. Another potent form of distribution is franchising and or chaining. When a successful store concept is branded and systemized, it can be replicated and sold to other individuals. Savvy Fastlane entrepreneurs recognize that a successful local business with weak leverage can be made highly leveraged by franchises or chains. Does this path sound familiar? It should this is what Starbucks did to become the biggest coffee chain in the world. I didn t get up right away. One more item remained in the bundle. A little notebook that I had sworn was leather, but time showed it to be vinyl. It was the journal Mr. Fontenot had given me when I thought I was going to be like James Baldwin. I hadn t written more than a handful of entries. Mostly I wrote about trying to get the passport, about buying the money order, and me and Roy going up to Alexandria to get my picture made. The last entry said, Dear History, The world needs to get ready for Roy Othaniel Hamilton Jr.!