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Founded in 2004, Magic Beans has helped countless families across the country shop for strollers, car seats, baby gear, and toys for all ages. Magic Beans is dedicated to making parents lives easier, and kids lives more fun. At Magic Beans, you ll get friendly, knowledgeable and empathic customer service and a curated selection of high … Magic Beans is running its 31 Days of Giveaways event through the end of the month and holding daily drawings for prizes including strollers, high chairs, and toys. At press time, Thursday … What are you looking for? Search for Passholders can save $10 per ticket to Disney After Hours Boo Bash held select evenings August 10 through October 31, 2021 at Disney s Magic Kingdom park. The discount applies only to event dates in August and September. Event Details. A new special event is brewing, featuring Halloween-themed cavalcades, Character sightings, trick or treating throughout the park and more! 22 of 31. Day 22 Give chickpeas a chance. Toss a can of rinsed and dried chickpeas with olive oil and salt and roast at 400 F for 30 min. Like lentils, peas and navy beans, chickpeas are pulses … Just as important, they had the guts to use frequency to make their ads work. Those memorable VW Beetle ads were consistent and frequent. The ads for Starkist Tuna and Frosted Flakes were omnipresent. Mass marketers had a solution to our problems and were disciplined enough to drive it home again and again. We all remember these classic ad campaigns because they were delivered to us with massive frequency in an environment that had a fraction of the clutter we face today. In college, I experienced what my classmates had felt in high school. I maxed out. Other kids in the music department were learning much faster than was possible for me. I had to work and work and work and still couldn t keep up. They barely had to practice, yet continued to excel. And I got to know these kids, a lot of us had similar backgrounds high-quality instruction, innate talent, similar hours of practice, similar socioeconomic status but there was still something fundamentally different in our abilities. Practice in 6Ps Framework , 184 Here are a few things to consider before creating your LinkedIn profile Your title or headline is front and center. Your title is the second thing people view after your headshot. Choose a title that represents you and what you do in the most professional manner. If you want to attract clients, for example, use a title that best highlights both you and your business. Participate in groups. Many people say they re not on LinkedIn to socialize rather, they want to have an online resume. Don t discount the importance of joining groups, however. Not only are they important networking tools, but when you join a group, those groups show up on your profile. Group membership shows potential connections that you re looking to continuously learn and network. Make sure your career summary is professional, but personal. Your summary should sum up your career in a businesslike tone but should also feature elements of your personality. For example, nothing is wrong with adding elements of humor, as long as you aren t raunchy or over the top. Spelling and grammar matter. You wouldn t hand out a paper resume that contained misspellings, and neither would you want people to view an online resume riddled with errors. Clients want to know you ll take care with their product or service. A resume with errors says you don t pay attention. Ask for recommendations. Your colleagues and former colleagues can give testimonials as to how you work. Don t be afraid to ask them to recommend you on LinkedIn and don t forget to reciprocate. Use relevant keywords. Keywords help recruiters and potential employers, clients, and connections find you. Decide whether you want to browse LinkedIn publicly or anonymously. When you view another member s profile, that action shows up in the person s Who Viewed Your Profile section. You may not mind making it known you looked at someone s profile, but it can lead that person to contact you to see whether she can help with anything or to make a connection. However, if you go anonymous, you can t see who viewed your profile, or any of the statistics LinkedIn offers regarding the people who viewed your profile. To browse anonymously, go to your privacy settings as outlined in the next bullet point. Then select Privacy at the top of the page , choose Profile Viewing Options, and choose Private. Check your privacy settings so that your activities aren t broadcast to the world. When you update your resume or add experiences, your connections may receive notifications of those updates. This can be a problem if you don t want your current employer or clients to know you re in the market for something new. Adjust your LinkedIn privacy settings, as shown in Figure 1-1 , if you don t want others knowing you re making changes. Add media to your profile. You can add video, images, and presentations to your LinkedIn profile. Take advantage of these tools to show off your creative side. Reorder skills so the most important skills are at the top. You can set up your skills so they re in the order you feel goes from most to least important. List places you volunteer. Clients, employers, and other connections like to know the people they work with are doing some good in the world. List your charitable endeavors. Don t skimp on the achievements and accolades. You may find it to be a humble brag to talk about the great things you do, but it s perfectly acceptable in your LinkedIn profile. Go ahead and list all your important achievements and awards received. I disagree. She made her way to her room and slid the key into the door. Tiny green lights twinkled. I m something, but I m not drunk. Come in? Do you want to?