is the youtube sweepstake legit

The Better Business Bureau is once again warning people to watch out for sweepstakes scams after some elderly St. Louis area residents were duped by the late… It s the ultimate bait, a letter claiming you ve already won a multi-million dollar foreign lottery sweepstakes. All you have to is send money for the taxes … Notice how YouTube s messaging system also displays the username in this case, the impersonated name below the message, further enhancing the credibility of the scam. The most remarkable aspect of this scam and the aspect that has garnered the most attention by the media is the scale with which this is happening. This is a reenactment of a foreign lottery scam that costs US consumers over $100 million a year. The Better Business Bureau BBB created this video to educ… LISD-TV presents the Better Business Bureau Report. In this segment — Dick Epstein of the BBB warns us of phony sweepstakes that are out to scam us. I m astonished that education is freely available, yet most choose not to take it. Education is unplucked fruit from a tree, and all it needs is a ladder. Yet, people cling to the limiting belief that I can t afford education. This love letter thing is uphill for me. I have never even seen one unless you count the third grade Do you like me yes no. Don t answer that, ha! A love letter is supposed to be like music or like Shakespeare, but I don t know anything about Shakespeare. But for real, I want to tell you what you mean to me, but it s like trying to count the seconds of a day on your fingers and toes. Paperwork, I said. Bureaucracy. Someone in the Department of Corrections said it was time for me to go and so I went. Lack of audience engagement You do the marketing for the clients?