is the national magazibe exchange sweepstakes legitimate

scam for sweepstakes. I received a scam notification concerning a sweepstakes I haha won that is sponsored exclusively by National Magazine Exchange. Prize to be awarded as 30 annual installments of $70, 000.00 or a lump sum payment of $1, 100, 000.00. My ID is protected but I came to this site to check it out first. National Magazine Exchange NME offers value priced magazines and money saving memberships to customers nationwide. Products Services NME offers a wide variety of magazines to our customers. BBB Accreditation National Magazine Exchange is not a BBB Accredited business. Additional DBA Names Agora Marketing Solutions, Inc. NME National Publishers Exchange National List Exchange National Clearing Exchange Clearinghouse Magazine Million Dollar Sweepstakes Strike It Rich 2 Sweepstakes One Switch N.M.E Magazine Services NME Prize … National Magazine Exchange. SCAM!!! I got the sweepstakes letter to win $1.1 mil. just call the 1800 number and NO PURCHASE nessessary to enter. So I call and wasted 10 minutes explaining to these that I DO NOT want any magazines I just want to enter in the sweepstakes. The woman kept giving me names of magazines and saying pick 2 then I … The Florida-based company National Magazine Exchange, a legitimate company, mails notices inviting people to call and enter a Strike it Rich sweepstakes. According to the fine print, there will… Free and Premium Social Media Video Tutorials 250 Videos and 8 Hours of Content BILL BERNBACH 1911-1982 In college, I experienced what my classmates had felt in high school. I maxed out. Other kids in the music department were learning much faster than was possible for me. I had to work and work and work and still couldn t keep up. They barely had to practice, yet continued to excel. And I got to know these kids, a lot of us had similar backgrounds high-quality instruction, innate talent, similar hours of practice, similar socioeconomic status but there was still something fundamentally different in our abilities. A botnet controlled by a bot herder, naturally is often comprised of millions of computers. Each computer has been infected by malware that got access when its user received tainted e-mail, visited a contaminated Web site, or connected to a compromised network or storage device. At least one ingenious hacker scattered infected flash drives in a defense contractor s parking lot. An hour later their Trojan Horse was installed on the company s servers. Criminals wield the botnet s aggregate processing power as a virtual supercomputer to commit extortion and theft. Botnets break into corporate mainframes to steal credit card numbers and issue denial of service attacks.