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Posts 2,277. If you are looking for a nice way to max out your 2021 Q2 home improvement bonus category, Lowe s is currently running a promotion that gives you a $15 rebate a Lowe s gift card on $200 Visa Gift Cards. Limit two per email address, I believe. Purchase must occur by 4 28. Manufactured Spending – Using happy cards to take advantage of gift card promos – I have been trying to buy happy cards to take advantage of gift card promos and have run into issues. Here are my experiences, I was hoping people would have insight, or suggested workarounds. I have had these Home Improvement Gift Cards. A home improvement gift card from Kroger is the perfect way to kickstart your next fix-up and an ideal present for the handyperson in your life. From DIY and construction supplies to furniture and d cor, a gift certificate can make grand designs come to life. Plus, you ll rack-up fuel savings when you fill up. Credit Card Programs – Any credit cards safe to buy gift cards for self usage, not MS? – One of the things I learned on this site that surprised me a little is how purchasing gift cards is considered cash equivalents and is frowned upon. I often buy gift cards from discounted sites to use them myself or to give them to The Gift Card that Makes a House a Home! Shop for home decor, furnishings, paint and more at any home improvement, interior decorating, and furniture shops in the U.S. and online, everywhere Visa debit is accepted. AI is a dual use technology, a term used to describe technologies with both peaceful and military applications. For instance, nuclear fission can power cities or destroy cities or in the cases of Chernobyl and Fukushima Daiichi, do both sequentially . Rockets developed during the space race increased the power and accuracy of intercontinental ballistic missiles. Nanotechnology, bioengineering, and genetic engineering all hold terrific promise in life-enhancing civilian applications, but all are primed for catastrophic accidents and exploitation in military and terrorist use. An entire industry of coaches and tutors thrives on the model s feedback loop and the anxiety it engenders. Many of them cost serious money. A four-day application boot camp, run by a company called Top Tier Admissions, costs $16,000 plus room and board . During the sessions, the high school juniors develop their essays, learn how to ace their interviews, and create an activity sheet to sum up all the awards, sports, club activities, and community work that admissions officers are eager to see. One of the biggest challenges that many bloggers face is creating fresh content, week in, week out. One of the techniques you can use to combat this is called spinning . In a nutshell, it involves taking one important topic that you know your audience will lap up, and writing about it from a variety of different standpoints. Let s take an article about painting a garden fence, for example. Several different blog posts about that one topic might be A Beginner s Guide to Painting A Garden Fence 5 of the Biggest Garden Fence Painting Mistakes Video How to Paint A Garden Fence in 5 Easy Steps , or How Brand X is Revolutionizing Garden Fence Painting . Get the idea? Drilling down on individual topics like this as opposed to being more general may be beneficial in terms of attracting people hunting for more specific information or advice. Not-for-profit focused on free speech, privacy, and consumer rights Include keywords and hashtags in your tweets and retweets whenever possible. That way, you offer search engines more than a time stamp. With its 140-character limit on text, Twitter might be a good place to use those single-word terms. Use keywords in your Twitter hashtags, too.