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Fast N Loud. Restoring the First Two Firebirds. i. A moonshine-loving car owner convinces Richard to roll the dice to see who gets a better deal on . 02 13. Fast N Loud. Roll the Dice for a Deal. i. While working on Firebird number one, the Gas Monkeys encounter some major engine problems. . We re finally back and recovered from our trip to Vegas for Chopper Live The Revenge.Why is it that when you re in Vegas for one week it feels like three? First of all, we want to say thank you to all of the Fast N Loud fans who voted for FRED to win the build off. We met a ton of you at Hard Rock Hotel while we were there, and based on the number of tweets and Facebook posts we … Richard and Aaron head out to The Old Bike Shop to pick up a custom Harley Davidson chopper for Gas Monkey s next project.Catch all new episodes of FAST N L… Stay tuned and don t forget to vote! The fun will start tonight, December 10, with Fast N Loud at 8 p.m. Then, at 9 p.m., the first night of Chopper The Revenge will hit the Discovery Channel airwaves. Tomorrow, December 11, fans will see the results of their votes when the teams return, live at 9 8c. Vaughn Gitten Jr. wreaks havoc on BOMB TRACK 750 Acres, No Rules! Vaughn Gittin Jr. has made as much of a name for himself off the track as on the track. With the moniker fun haver , Vaughn and his Formula D teammate, Chelsea DeNofa, throw their vehicles sideways whenever and wherever. From putting the brand new Mustang Mach E through … The copy Fun, colorful, simple. If you live this way, you are driving at the financial redline on a narrow road bordering a cliff. There is little hope for Sidewalkers because their roadmap is corrupted by gratification, selfishness, and irresponsibility. This problematic disposition repels wealth and thrusts codependency on overburdened hosts taxpayers, employers, friends, parents, and loved ones. Income-Poor Sidewalkers rationalize, Life is short. Get out of my way or get run over! But let s consider McDaniel s case in terms of fairness. He hap pened to grow up in a poor and dangerous neighborhood. In this, he was unlucky. He has been surrounded by crime, and many of his acquaintances have gotten caught up in it. And largely because of these circumstances and not his own actions he has been deemed dangerous. Now the police have their eye on him. And if he behaves foolishly, as millions of other Americans do on a regular basis, if he buys drugs or gets into a barroom fight or carries an unregistered handgun, the full force of the law will fall down on him, and probably much harder than it would on most of us. After all, he s been warned. The transformed chart is indicative of a Slowlaner s journey where compound interest doesn t enforce power until most of life has evaporated. Big money doesn t come until you are in your fifties and sixties, and this is with 100 returns year after year. Average market returns would be 7 . Yet at a doubling, at age 40 you have barely six grand. Again, this is the Slowlaner s predicament Imprisoned in time and uncontrollable yield. FIGURE 3-1 Use Facebook or your email address to create an Instagram account.