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Watch Rock My RV with Bret Michaels – Season 1, Episode 16 – Epic RV Giveaway The submissions are in! Bret Michaels and the design team are now about to make one lucky contestant s dreams come … RV Mistakes RV Living PLUS EPIC GIVEAWAY While driveway surfing with friends, I may have made another rookie mistake! I can t believe I am still doing thi… Tag Epic RV Giveaway Posted on June 2, 2013 by MOTW Admin ROCK MY RV BIGFOOT SPECIAL. Well, it would seem hair-band icon and reality TV star Brett Michaels has found a new series where he can rock his red bandana! Michaels is now the host of a new show on the Travel Channel entitled Rock My RV. Tonight they will be re-airing the … Epic Outdoor . Enthusiast Giveaway. Ready for an epic spring adventure? Get a free RV rental plus thousands of dollars in epic gear from top-notch outdoor brands! Enter below, here s the prizes 1. $1,500 Gift Card for Cruise America RV Rentals 2. FREE 1 year subscription to The Nomadik $600 3. $1,000 Gift Card for United By blue Are you ready for an epic week of giveaways exclusive offers, daily content, and more! We re kicking the week off with an RV Vacation Giveaway like never before! Enter for your chance to win – A $750 credit towards renting an RV with RVShare! – A 3-Night Stay at Any Sun RV Resort! – A $50 credit towards The Travel Mom s Amazon Storefront! Artificial superintelligence does not yet exist, nor does artificial general intelligence, the kind that can learn like we do and will in many senses match and exceed most human intelligence. However, regular old artificial intelligence surrounds us, performing hundreds of tasks humans delight in having it perform. Sometimes called weak or narrow AI, it delivers remarkably useful searches Google , suggests books you might like to read based on your prior choices Amazon , and performs 50 to 70 percent of the buying and selling on the NYSE and the NASDAQ stock exchange. Because they do just one thing, albeit extremely well, heavy hitters like IBM s chess-playing Deep Blue and Jeopardy! -playing Watson also get squeezed into the category of narrow AI. LinkedIn allows users to add projects, languages, publications, awards, test scores, courses, patents, certifications and volunteering carried out to your profile. As you can imagine if you put yourself in the shoes of a potential connection, this will add a lot of value to your profile, both in business terms and showing you off as a well-rounded individual. So if you have these details to add, make sure you do so. A LinkedIn group is much different than a company page or an individual profile. A group is less about your brand and more about growing a community and engaging people about a specific topic or niche. Creating a group doesn t promote your business in an obvious way, nor does it give you a place to sell however, a group can be a wonderful place to learn more about your online community and your niche, which can help with the sales process. In December 2014, Facebook announced the roll out of solid, clickable call-to-action buttons that can be added to cover photos, including Book Now , Contact Us, Use App. Designed as a way to bring your business most important objective to the forefront of your Facebook presence, call-to-action buttons can be linked to any destination on or off Facebook. Dollar Shave Club used a Sign Up call-to-action cover photo button and saw a 2.5x higher conversion rate over three weeks compared to other comparable efforts. TEN Case Studies