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In order to find gold at their new claim, Team Hoffman will have to go deeper than ever before. 01 24. Gold Rush. Hoffman Crew Digs Deeper. i. The Hoffman Crew reflects that the first mistake was not kicking the squatters off their first . 00 59. Gold Rush. The First Mistake. Hear from the miners as they recall their favorite memories of Gold Rush legend John Schnabel. Gold Rush returns for an all new season Fri Oct 16 at 9 8c. In order to avoid an extremely dangerous bridge in the jungle, the Hoffman crew attempts to find . Todd and Parker go head to head in a big way. Step 1 Watch Gold Rush Parker s Trail on Fridays at 8P. Step 2 Look for the clue revealing a social media destination. Step 3 Find the right post and follow the account also leaving a comment with ThankGoldItsFriday Sweepstakes to be entered for a chance to win an ounce of gold. We ll randomly choose a winner that week! Sweepstakes. We re giving away awesome prizes all of the time. Enter for your chance to win trips, cash, and stunning vacation homes! Discovery Shark Week Sweepstakes. Enter daily for your chance to win a shark dive trip for 2, a year s supply of Devour frozen meals, AND $10,000 in cash! Sweepstakes ends August 2 at 5pm ET. Enjoy thrilling TV shows like Shark Week, Myth Busters and real-life drama in Deadliest Catch, Highway Thru Hell and more. On Friday, November 13th watch the premiere of Gold Rush White Water on Discovery Channel and enter to win gold bar prizes. In the age of infobesity, companies are struggling to separate themselves from the digital noise and to draw meaningful attention and interest from their current and potential customers. Stop by anytime, my father had said casually last year when I ran into him and his wife in Kroger on Cascade Road. He was pushing a buggy heaped with chicken, ribs, Irish potatoes, brown sugar, red soda pop, and everything else you need for a barbecue. He saw me before I saw him, or else we never would have talked. As his wife conveniently drifted off to the salad bar, Carlos placed his hand on my arm and said, It has been too long. At the high end of the economy, human beings tend to make the important decisions, while relying on computers as useful tools. But in the mainstream and, especially, in the lower echelons of the economy, much of the work, as we ve seen, is automated. When mistakes appear in a dossier and they often do even the best-designed algorithms will make the wrong decision. As data hounds have long said garbage in, garbage out. On your wealth road trip, the Slowlane roadmap asks that you endure a long, tiresome walk to wealth. The toil of wealth is the process itself. In the Fastlane, wealth is driven in a business system you create-the toil is the creation and management of the system itself. Here s a look at many of the goals that businesses and business people hope to achieve with their content strategies Drive traffic. Your content will help to bring new traffic to your blog or website. Make sales. If you have a product or service to promote, sales is probably your top reason for wanting to learn more about content marketing. Content is terrific for selling because you can drive traffic directly to your sales page or website. Build brand recognition. By putting out content regularly, you re increasing readership or viewership. After you have an audience, you re creating brand recognition. If you re recognized as sharing useful or entertaining content, people will know your brand and your logo. When it comes time to buy, your business will come to mind because you already have an online presence. Establish expertise. Content can be educational. You can use your content to share product information, details, and usage tips, or you can use your content to establish expertise for your personal or professional brand. If you share useful and important information, your community will see you as somewhat of an expert. Improve search engine rankings. Plenty of good-quality content can help your business land on the first or second page of the top search engines. Build trust. Your content enables you to be transparent with customers and community. When you re honest about what you do and keep an open line of communication, people have trust in the brand. Trust equals sales. Inspire customer loyalty. Content that informs and rewards customers can also inspire customer loyalty. Your customers will not only make return visits to your content channels but also share your content with others. Generate subscriptions and registrations. Content can lead to newsletter sign-ups or website registrations. For example, you can direct traffic to a specific page or offer premium content such as an e-book in exchange for a sign-up or registration. We describe how content can help drive sales and grow your mailing list in the Collecting leads with your content section, later in this chapter. Engage customers. Content allows your customers to chat with you. Whether it s friendly banter on Twitter or a more opinionated discussion on your blog, they ll appreciate having a voice. Build links to your content. A content-marketing strategy is a link-building strategy. As long as you re providing valuable content to your consumers, other businesses and professionals will link to your content so that they can share it with their own communities. All those backlinks are good search engine optimization SEO . Generate leads or new opportunities. Smart content leads to smart opportunities. For example, if you regularly blog on important topics in your industry, those blog discussions can land you new clients or speaking engagements.