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So you want to compete in writing contests for prizes and recognition? Writing contests are a fun way to evolve your writing skills and, yes, cash prizes are a nice bonus. But remember, the emphasis is on fun. If cash is your primary goal, you should focus your time and energy on landing freelance writing jobs. These contests, along with the pumpkins, get bigger every year. In one recent competition, a farmer in Rhode Island won $15,500 for a pumpkin that weighed in at over 2,000 pounds! Ordinarily the prize would be just $5,500, but the extra $10,000 was for breaking the seemingly impossible one-ton barrier. U.S. and Canadian residents aged 16 or older except Quebec residents can enter this contest for cash prizes. Enter by July 20 one entry per person for a shot at the $5,000 grand prize or one of 10 weekly $500 prizes. One hundred other winners will also receive a prize pack with a hat, T-shirt and decals. Enter to win the cash you need for necessities like buying groceries or paying the bills, or to splurge on stuff you d love to have but wouldn t normally buy yourself. Here are current cash sweepstakes for you to enter and win. 1. Dealnews – June Sweepstakes Enter free online cash sweepstakes and contests for a chance to win big money! Use your winnings for a shopping spree, dream vacation, and more. $44,422,018 in sweepstakes prizes waiting to be won! In every market, and with every audience, three things are demonstrably true Permission is a powerful asset, and it can be leveraged. As the clutter gets worse and worse, permission is worth more and is harder to get. In every market segment, only a limited number of companies will be able to secure permission. Facebook is constantly changing the rules for brands and brand pages, and to enter into Facebook marketing blindly without any planning and research on your part can mean Facebook will penalize your page or even your personal account. A poorly executed brand page can reflect badly on you, as a social media marketer, and on your brand. Encouraging Others to Bookmark or Rate Your Site jump from AGI to see also intelligence explosion Seconds later, though, the mists parted, and out he rode, tall and triumphant. It is no exaggeration to say nothing has been the same since. Laird s wave at Teahupoo was the single most significant ride in surfing history, continues George. More than any other ride. W hat it did was completely restructure our entire, collective perception of what was possible.