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Get a free 130 Gift Card for a limited time only with our British Gas Discounts. Discover 6 British Gas Vouchers tested in July 2021 – Live More, Spend Less . Our experts test and verify all of the latest British Gas deals and offers to save you time. Save today Free 120 Gift Card with British Gas Discounts.Choose from 6 tested and verified British Gas Vouchers this June 2021. Existing customers can join the refer a friend program to earn up to 50 in Amazon gift cards for each new customer they refer to British Gas. Both their Electricity and Gas services as well as HomeCare Boiler Heating cover are eligible for the scheme. Additionally, members of British Gas Rewards will get 10 free energy days. The gift card Reward may take up to three months to arrive from the Friend joining British Gas. To qualify for a Reward for switching energy to British Gas, your Friend must not have held a British Gas energy contract within the last three months of joining. British Gas If your energy is supplied by British Gas you can receive discounts and enter prize draws by signing up to their rewards program British Gas Rewards. Utility point Similar to British Gas, Utility Point offer a free benefits program called Utility Points Rewards with discounts of up to 60 from high street stores. Got an email marketing list? Consider sending a dedicated email asking your subscribers to follow or like you on social networks – again with compelling reasons as to why they most definitely should. Whenever you send out future messages to them, include links to your social profiles underneath the main message. In a Morril survey of 40,000 men and women involved in the purchase of 23 industrial products over five years, it was found that share-of-market went up in bad times when advertising was continued. Learning through Insights Unfortunately for marketers, as with all platforms that you can t test in a controlled environment, it is still difficult to make a direct correlation between high levels of engagement and sales. However, it stands to reason that the only way you can make any sales is if as many consumers as possible see your content and if customers are seeing it, it had better be what you want them to see . Consumers eyes are on Facebook. If the only way to reach those consumers is to get them to engage, then it s up to you to create not just great content, but content that s so great they want to engage with it. To put it in boxing terms, you have to jab enough times to build huge visibility, so that the day you do throw a right hook the day you do try to make a sale, say, with a post that s not particularly shareable but where the link takes people to your product it will show up in the maximum number of News Feeds. So you might think that computerized risk models fed by data would reduce the role of prejudice in sentencing and contribute to more even-handed treatment. With that hope, courts in twenty-four states have turned to so-called recidivism models. These help judges assess the danger posed by each convict. And by many measures they re an improvement. They keep sentences more consistent and less likely to be swayed by the moods and bi ases of judges. They also save money by nudging down the length of the average sentence. It costs an average of $31,000 a year to house an inmate, and double that in expensive states like Connecticut and New York.