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The fake amazon survey And it is that the OSI, the Internet Security Office, has detected a campaign of sending false emails that impersonate Amazon s identity. The objective is to redirect the victim through a link provided in the email to a fraudulent website phishing that pretends to be that of the service in question . Surveytime is another legit site that provides ample opportunities to earn rewards via surveys. Each survey pays from $0.50 to $1 redeemable via appropriate payment methods. They don t have any minimum payout limit which means even if you have a dollar in your account, you can withdraw it. First, the Amazon Shopper Satisfaction Survey scam can easily be recognized by the strange and unusual sender s email. Our researchers got an email from the welcome 71269 . address, but it can be different in your case. The real Amazon service would never use this shady, unofficial email to reach out to their clients. There are dozens of legitimate online survey panels who offer Amazon as a cashout method. Typically, denominations are $10, $25, $50, etc., although there are some survey sites who will allow you to request cards as low as $5, and occasionally, even $1! Amazon loyalty program pop ups are a social engineering attack that deceives you and other unsuspecting victims into filling out online surveys from this or similar webpages. Although this pop-up looks like a legitimate survey from Amazon, it actually has nothing to do with Amazon. Google Analytics for e-commerce Gregory, Gregg, 105 106 People use Twitter to do the following Build a community. The best reason to join any social network is to grow a community of friends and advocates. Your community consists of the people with whom you build trust and relationships because they view you as being accessible. These people are the ones who will have your back. Find new customers. Thanks to the Internet, you now have the ability to reach a global market. With Twitter, you have the ability to reach millions of new people. Each person you interact with has the ability to reach people, as well. You can leverage all that reachability into sales. Have a conversation. The best part of Twitter and other social networks is the capability to sell without sounding like you re selling. It s called conversational marketing, and it s exactly what it sounds like. When you have a conversation with your friends and followers, people get to know who you are and what you do. When they have a need for someone who does what you do, they re more likely to call on you. They may even like you so much that they decide to buy what you re selling just to support a friend. Ask questions. The best way to learn about your customers and potential customers is to ask questions. We re not saying that you need to have a Twitter poll unless you want to , but there s nothing wrong with dropping a question now and then to find out about a demographic or habit see Figure 1-2 . Offer customer support. Many people like to reach out to their favorite brands on Twitter to ask questions about a product or service, or to ask for direction or technical support. Twitter is another way to be accessible to your customers. You can also use Twitter to search and make sure your customers aren t having issues. The copy is set in serif type. Joe saves, works overtime, invests in mutual funds, and participates in his firm s 401 k . He continues to endure his job for the sake of the plan. No one said it d be easy. That one day was coming, the day when he d retire with millions. He justifies that five days of misery in a hated job was worth the sacrifice for the future.