a sweepstakes meaning

Sweepstakes definition is – a race or contest in which the entire prize may be awarded to the winner specifically stakes race. See synonyms for sweepstakes on Thesaurus.com noun used with a singular or plural verb a race or other contest for which the prize consists of the stakes contributed by the various competitors. A sweepstake is a type of contest where a prize or prizes may be awarded to a winner or winners. Sweepstakes began as a form of lottery that were tied to products sold. In response, the FCC and FTC refined U.S. broadcasting laws creating the anti-lottery laws . Sweepstake definition, a sweepstakes. See more. Whether you re feeling a little fusilli or saucy, this quiz on pasta names is meant for you! The use of hashtags with your Twitter username is another way to measure your popularity on Twitter. If a lot of people, including those who don t follow you, take the time to precede your username with a hashtag, you re being directly referenced in a Twitter post. You can easily find out whether your username or brand is hashtagged. I spent five years in college just to sit in a 6 X 6 cubicle and cold-call elderly people out of a damn telephone book? Are you freaking kidding me? I could have done this out of middle school, and I didn t need to spend thousands on a college degree to hawk insurance. Yet, my peers salivated at the opportunity of having a nice base salary, a great 401 k , and a top-tier health plan. No thanks. If I m cold-calling out of the damn phonebook, it won t be for my boss, but for me. Flying to Las Vegas and gambling a month s salary at the craps table is a moronic risk. Driving a car on the freeway with faulty brakes is a moronic risk. When you take intelligent risks and avoid the moronic ones, you amplify your wealth trajectory through time. Intelligent risks have a limited downside, while their upside is unlimited. Moronic risks have a bottomless downside and their upside is limited, or short term. Too much text It s a shame Mercedes-Benz thought it needed to bog their stylish photo down with a load of description that few people will to read. All they had to do was include one line of text about the car s sumptuous interior, and then link out to the excellent Forbes article that told readers everything else they needed to know. CHAPTER 2