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We feature 3 411tickets.com coupons, promo codes and deals for January 2021. Never miss a 411tickets.com sale or online discount, updated daily. Discount Tickets 06 28 07 11 Use the Pick Dates menu at left to change the range of dates. NOTE If you use the three search menus instead of the Pick Dates menu and you do not make a genre or location selection, then the search results will include all genres or locations. The 411 to save at StubHub When it comes to browsing for tickets to see the next big act, typically you want to purchase early or late. The early birds usually get the worm with opportunities to purchase presale tickets. Los Angeles discount and half-price theatre tickets, to events, shows, music, things to do, los angeles Onstage411 – Free, half-price and discount tickets in Los Angeles Untitled Document $13 Tickets – plus a $3 fee per order placed online This admission ticket is valid for ages 3 years and above. Ages 1 and 2 do not require a ticket. Buy coupons for food and rides before you get to the State Fair of Texas! $50 packages – include 100 Food and Ride Coupons. Coupon value $.50 per coupon To make the most of the relatively small real estate of mobile devices where most people will be viewing your Instagram content , make a habit of focusing in on particular details of products or service in order to draw customers in, rather than blander long or mid-range shots. For example, a clothing store might highlight the quality dye and material in a garment, while a decorating service could go a bit more abstract and use the close-up shot of a pot of paint and a brush to represent a job well done. Blogs When you are head of an agency, you know that your staff looks to you to bring in new business, more than anything else. If you fail to do so over an extended period, you sense that you are losing their confidence, and are tempted to grab any account you can get. Don t. Above all, don t join the melancholy procession of agencies which always accompanies a dying brand on its way to the cemetery. When Pan American fell on hard times, they moved their account from J. Walter Thompson, who had done an exceptionally good job for 29 years, to Carl Ally. Seven years later, when they continued to decline, they moved to N. W. Ayer. Three years later, they moved to Doyle Dane Bernbach. Six months later they moved to Wells, Rich, Greene. But this kind of instability is rare. The American Telephone Company, General Motors and Exxon have employed the same agencies for more than 70 years DuPont, General Electric, Procter Gamble and Scott Paper have employed the same agencies for more than 50 years. I have come to regard advertising as part of the product, to be treated as a production cost, not a selling cost. It follows that it should not be cut back when times are hard, any more than you would stint any other essential ingredient in your product. One of the features Instagram is most proud of is Cinema . With the tap of a finger, Cinema aims to remove as much wobble from your video as possible, making it seem as smooth and professional as if it was filmed by a Hollywood camera operator with a Steadicam. At the same step that you choose a filter for your video, you will notice an icon of a shaky camera. Simply tap this icon to turn Cinema mode on.