3000 subscriber giveaway

Join us for our special 3k giveaway!! Thank you to everyone who made this milestone a possibility! Come see how you can qualify for a chance to win the 3000 subscriber giveaway.Find our Sod Busters Metal Detecting TEE SHIRTS METAL DETECTING SUPPLIES … At 3000 subscribers I will be giving away 3 new items. 3rd prize is a Stanley Artgerm Lau poster portfolio, 2nd prize is a House of X Powers of X hard cover, and the Grand prize is a $50.00 … On episode of Inbox Besties 24 we chatted with the amazing Maria Saracen host the Coaches Toolkit Giveaway. Maria is a health coach turn business coach who was looking for fast, fun and easier way to flood her email list with qualified email subscribers. Email subscribers who were actually interested in her products and services. And the Coaches Tool Kit Giveaway was born. 0186 Today s video is the 3,000 subscriber giveaway. Please pay attention to the rules below and read the youtube contest policy guidelines regarding givea… Corporate America is filled with executives itching for a chance to start programming a network. They see the impact TV has on American lives, they see the money that a successful network can make I mean, even the Weather Channel makes a ton of money! , and they re eager to use corporate money to have some fun. To show your customers you care, go above and beyond. Just like REI did when it sent me Ekaterina the custom video response to my gift question on Twitter. Carnation Milk is the best in the land, Here I sit with a can in my hand. No tits to pull, no hay to pitch, Just punch a hole in the son-of-a-bitch. Always try to include the price of your products. You may see a necklace in a jeweler s window, but you don t consider buying it because the price is not shown and you are too shy to go in and ask. It is the same way with advertisements. When the price of the product is left out, people have a way of turning the page. When Ellerton Jett retired as head of Hathaway and became a picture dealer, he violated tradition in the art trade by showing the price of the pictures in his advertisements. Unfortunately it is seldom possible for manufacturers to do this in their advertisements, because they cannot dictate prices to retailers. This reduces the selling power of their ads. I don t think it matters with package goods, but it matters a lot with products which cost real money, like cars and refrigerators. Seriously, what is with dinosaurs and airport security?!